Ziman App for the safety of Women and Children


Ziman-Safety is Everyone’s responsibility

Ziman is a safety app to tack care for your Mother, Sisters and of-course your friends.Safety is every ones responsibility.This is for the ones who respect women and care for them.

Through this blog we are introducing the best app-‘Ziman’ for the safety of Women. I suggested my friends to install and its your turn now!

What is Ziman:

This is a mobile app developed by Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd for women safety. Pramoud Rao is the Managing director of ‘Zimon’. This app provides 24*7 safety to the victim in danger and provides the information to their family members, the nearby hospitals and Police. It gets activated when the power button is pressed five times and an alery SMS will be sent to the emergency contacts with the current location.

How it works?

Ziman App is available in play store, and can be downloaded for free of cost. After downloading the app one needs to agree to the terms and conditions. Then you need to register first, on completing the registration you need to provide the mobile number and E-mail Id.

One need to add three emergency contacts after registering. As soon as the Red emergency button is pressed, an SMS and email alert will be sent to the contacts which you already added to the emergency contacts. An emergency voice call also made to the contacts. we can also cancel the call by pressing the 4 digit pin, which informs the contacts saying that “the user is now safe”. It also highlights all the nearby hospitals and police stations, in order to help the user who is in distress can seek the emergency medication on his own.

This app absolutely works fine with out any lags and simply perfect. the user needs to press the power button more than 3 times, so that it sends SMS to the emergency contacts simultaneously SOS message to ZICOM command center with the GPS location. With in few minutes the top tier eco-system of this app ensures that the person in distress is taken into safety as soon as possible.

Once you install the app the Ziman team calls on your mobile number and explains the process of how it works.

Process to Activate Ziman:

1. Power Button:

Press the power button on your smart phone 5 times in quick succession.

2. On Screen Alarm Button:

By tapping once on the onscreen panic button.

Women – All the power is within you, you can do anything and everything. Be brave and confident. Observe the surroundings and move on. Never depend on the technology. Believe in your self and Face the challenges.


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