Best Way to Earn Online Money for Free


Today I am going to introduce the best way to earn money online, without any investment from Pay to Click(PCT) site, which really works well. please go through the post and make your money.

Hear you have to see their add for 3-30 seconds then you will be paid in dollars. Every PTC site is based on tasks section & surveys provided by Clixsense. By watching only adds you will not be able to make huge money. Getting confused..? don’t worry i will explain you how to earn more than $500/month without any investment, but the only thing you need to do is, spend some time with patience.


Clixsense is world No.1 PTC site to earn money online without zero investment. when you enter the PTC site you may feel that it is difficult to earn huge money. you are mistaken. Of-course you wont get lot of money only by watching the adds hear, by doing tasks & surveys you get payed 1-3 dollars depending on the task you complete. Be patient enough and never give up.

There are 4 ways to earn free money online through Clixsense.

1st way to earn online money in Clixsense:

When you enter in to the clixsense site you will find a tab called View Ads. Hear you have to watch their add for 3-30 seconds then they will pay according to that. But you can’t earn maximum $20/month. Don’t get disappointed, there are 3 more ways to earn online money.

2nd way to earn online money in clixsense:

In Clixsense there is another tab called Tasks. This is the main source of earning. Many beginners feel that it is difficult. But the fact is that these tasks are very simple once you get an idea. Most of the people earning more than $1000/month, yes this is the fact. At the beginning you may not get 70-80% accuracy, if you workout for 1-3 months then you will get it based on your capability.

There will be a bonus for top 10 users in every week, Top 1 user rewarded with $50 and rest of the toppers equally distributed  $50 depending on their place. You can do thousands of tasks hear, simply do more tasks and get more money. Some times tasks will not be available, so you need to check frequently.

3rd Way to earn online money in clixsense:

There is another tab called Offers. Once you click it you will find some categories and these are like installing their apps, doing surveys and watching video etc.. you will be rewarded with high amount like $1-$15 dollars per survey. You can do 3 to 4 surveys per day that is really a good money, isn’t it ? Most of the people not visiting these Offers tab at this is easy way to earn some extra money. check out with out missing it.

4th Way to earn online money in clixsense:

Another way to get awesome money in clixsense is Clix grid. This is the gaming section. Hear you will get 30 chances/day. It consists of 600 small square boxes and you need to select and click on a box, then it will load for 10 sec. If you are lucky enough you will get $10.

How to withdraw earned money?

Now its time to withdraw your earned online money in clixsense. This site will pay you money through PayPal or Payza when you gain the minimum amount of $8. I recommend you to withdraw through PayPal because the processing fee for Paypal is less.

To start your earnings Register hear

Tips & Warnings :

  • Check regularly for new tasks & surveys.
  • Do not login with two accounts from one system. Both accounts will be blocked. 

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