Amazing Whats app tips that you must know!


Whats app tips and Tricks ? Yes! In this blog we are going to share few simple but less known tips like how to send the text in bold and italics, dual whats app accounts, how to reply a specific message, broadcast messages and many more for the best use of whats app.

Whats app is one of the best and most used apps. It reached many people quickly due to its excellence in the services it provide to the uses. Though we are using it we overlook at many options and use few regular ones. For those who are keen to know the latest tips, we have came up with a list of tips and tricks for whats app.

check if you have came across these options and started using. If not this is the time to start!!

Format the text that you send:

Awesome trick to format the text, which helps us send the text in bold, Italic and Strike through. can’t you believe me? then just try it yourself now! below are the details.

Bold: place an asterisk (*) symbol before and after the text that you want to make bold. Ex: *hello*

Italics: keep the text that you want to make italic, between Underscore symbol ( _ ) Ex: _Hello_

Strikethrough: place tilde ( ~) symbol before and after the text that you want to strike. Ex: ~hello~

Broadcast message:

This option is available at the top right corner of the screen. Just below the new group option you can find New broadcast.

Here you can add the contacts of your friends and relatives to this list and send the text, Images, Audio and Video to everyone in the list at one go. The only difference between group chat and broadcast is, in a group other people can view the messages, but when it comes to broadcast only the sender knows that it is broadcast message. Receivers feel it just like all the normal pings.

This helps in case you want to share the same information with all the contacts, like good morning message, good night msgs.

Whats app web:
Just below the broadcast message you can see the WhatsApp web option.

In order use this tip, you have to login to

you will get a QR code, and you need to scan that code from your mobile. It will be connected, now you can start using it. whats app should be active from the mobile as well, but we use web for our comfort.

Reply to a specific message:

A brilliant trick to reply in the group chat and when we have a list of messages to reply to an individual.

This helps you reply to each ping separately, in order to avoid confusion in the group chats. Else it may take time to understand the pings when too many people reply at the same time in the group chat.

1. long press on a message.
2. You will be able to see the list of action buttions on the top of the screen like: Reply, Star, Info, delete and copy.
3. Now press reply (the fist option).
4. It will prompt you to enter the text, type and then send.

Star & save A Message:

As we know from the childhood, STAR symbol represents Importance. Here goes the same, we can Star a message for the reuse and to avoid the search for previous messages.

you can find the messages you marked as star at “Starrted Messages” just below the WhatsApp Web.

E-mail a conversation:

you can keep the back up of the important chats and share the chat with your friends, by sending it via mail.
1. Open the chat, that you want to share.
2. Go the options (Next to attachments) and select more.
3. then select ‘Email Chat‘ option.
4. select Email or Gmail. Simple!

Don’t want others to know that you read a message?

If you don’t want others to know that you read a message, then you use this tip.

Settings ==> Account ==> Privacy ==> read receipts

Turn of the read receipts, but you will not be able to see read receipts of others.

Know the delivery status of your message:

Best apt for groups conversations. By using this tip you can find the delivery status and how many have actually read it. It is available for one-one chats as well.

long press on the message you have will be able to see the options on top of the screen.
Press ‘Info ‘((i)) symbol. It will tell you when was the message delivered and when they read it.

Change your number:

Decided to change your whats app number and thinking of informing all your friends before that? then you can follow this tip. Change your whats app number with a simple option, and it will inform all your groups and contacts.

Settings ==> Account ==> Change Number


You can search a conversation with a the help of a keyword and find the results.

go to a conversation ==> Options ==> Search

similarly you can mute a conversation by using Mute option just below the search option.You need to select how much time you need to mute that particular conversation.

Dual whats app for a single Android Mobile:

Here comes the interesting Topic which everyone of us is curious about ! I have given a step by step procedure to install dual whats app with single android mobile.

Please check : “How to install dual whats app for single Android Mobile

Auto Download Media/Save data:

Follow this trick, If you don’t want to download the data Automatically while using mobile data.
Settings ==> Data Usage ==> When using Mobile data (De-select everything)

Mobile-PC & PC-Mobile:

This is the best tip to save the files to your PC.

Save your number in contacts list of your mobile. open whats app in your desktop and send the files to your own number. Later when you login through mobile you can see the files that you sent. same is the case for Mobile to PC.

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